Commit by May 1st!!


Hello, Seniors!

Spring break is complete and you are now in the home stretch of senior year!

But, before you start dreaming of prom, graduation, and summer fun, you have one key step left in your college admissions process. You need to pick your school. We know there are a ton of fantastic universities around MD and the country but we are hopeful you will find your home here at UMBC!


May 1st is the national deposit deadline for you to declare your intent to attend UMBC or any other university nationally. To accept your admission offer to UMBC, you will need to accept it via your myUMBC account and submit your enrollment deposit to secure your place in the class of 2021.

We are extremely impressed with all the applications we received. We are excited for the students who have already committed to being a retriever and look forward to many more students joining them!

Still, have a few questions about UMBC or want to visit before May 1st? Come on in or give us a call, we are happy to help!

We look forward to meeting everyone at Summer Orientation!


Birthdays and Retriever Days!

That’s right everyone. Today we celebrate UMBC’s 50th birthday!

On September 19th, 1966 UMBC first opened its doors to its first students and it has been such a wonderful 50 years for our amazing institution. This past weekend was the 50th celebration weekend that we had been preparing for and it couldn’t have been any better!From reunions and food, to fireworks and puppies. Yes, puppies! See Pictures here 🙂

Even though this birthday weekend has passed, that does not mean we are done celebrating! This is a year-long celebration and all students, staff, and faculty will continue to share the awesomeness that is UMBC with you all!

One way to experience all that UMBC has to offer is by coming to our first Retriever Day of the Fall! This Saturday, September 24th, 2016 we are hosting our Saturday Retriever Day.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about UMBC, tour our campus, chat with members of our community, and much more.

You can register online by visiting:


Hope to see you there!! 🙂

HOMECOMING @ The House of Grit!

Hello out there! It seems appropriate that we pick back up with our blog posts with this year’s Homecoming celebration–aptly themed “Retriever Fever!” Careful–it’s contagious!


One of UMBC’s Homecoming traditions is the campus-wide office decorating contest, which makes it a super fun time to visit. Every office on campus is welcome to participate and many go all out to get everyone geared up for all of the great events. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions decided to go with the House of Grit and recognize all the types of retrievers you can find within our house.

First step–find out what kind of Retriever you are with some help from the “Sorting Bone.”

sorting bone

Then, learn the tools of the trade; are you a Maker? A Solver? An Explorer? A Thinker? Or, a Uniter?

Finally, take pride in your house! Of course at UMBC that means paw prints and dog bones for everyone! And it means that “being in the dog house” is actually the best thing ever!

in the house