Summertime Tips

As the school year draws to a close we don’t want you to forget about us! Our office has a few tips for our admitted students and rising seniors!

We are really looking forward to our upcoming class of Retrievers! We can’t wait to add your talent and ambition to our campus. Did you know as an admitted student you can take a summer course or participate in our summer bridge program? In addition to orientation, you can sign up for an excursion! Spend a day in Baltimore or a few days in the mountains with your future classmates! Excursion sign ups are located within orientation sign up! Lastly, find out your house of grit! Take our quiz to see if you are a maker, explorer, thinker, uniter or solver.


Congrat’s juniors you are once again the top dawgs at the school and get to start this wonderful process of applying to schools! It is time to be visiting colleges and finalizing your school list. You already know the school’s facts, figures, and requirements but what about their atmosphere? Visit campuses and find out more about their lifestyle because it could be your home for four years. You have plenty of opportunities to visit UMBC. Come for a tour or an open house! Then start your application because deadlines creep up fast.

We look forward to seeing everyone on campus this summer! No matter what stage you are at in the admissions process never hesitate to contact our office!

UMBC True Grit!


Shout out to juniors!

While visiting a high school this morning, I was reminded that it’s that time of year when high school seniors, having heard back from colleges, are making their decisions about where they will be attending in the fall. Meanwhile, juniors are just beginning the college search. So, congratulations seniors and we hope UMBC is the place for you! But this is a shout out to the juniors, who are about to embark on a ride full of standardized tests, road trips, and open houses. Here are a few tips for beginning your college search!

1. Do some online searching

College Board will be your best friend for the next two years, starting with the actual search. It has a great search engine where you can filter categories that are important to you and provide you with colleges that match! It will also be the place where you register for the SAT or ACT—save the dates now!

2. Plan a visit

Once you’ve made your list, go to the schools’ websites to see when they offer campus tours or visit days. You’re about to spend money and four years somewhere—you should try it on before committing.

3. Check the requirements

Schools will list their admissions requirements on their website and you can start preparing now. Find out if the school uses Common Application; if it does, you could create your account—even start your essay! But most importantly, learn the deadlines!

4. Make an application plan

A lot of people don’t realize that you don’t have to apply to every school that’s out there—for one thing it can get expensive. Decide for yourself, and maybe with your parents, just how many applications you’re going to submit. Then, possibly after visiting, make the final list.

5. Attend Just for Juniors! (and sophomores too!)

On March 29, UMBC will host its annual Just for Juniors, a day that provides juniors and sophomores with an introduction to the college search with workshops, panels, and tours that will help you sort through the process.

You might go through these steps a few times as your list grows and shrinks, and that’s okay—it’s a long process—but hopefully having them will help you along the way.

See you at Just for Juniors!