Congratulations Class of 2021!

Following May 1st, we want to welcome and congratulate the incoming Retriever Class of 2021!


You all put in a tremendous amount of work throughout high school and we could not be more excited to start working with you!

Next on your checklist to UMBC should be orientation. Orientation is an incredibly important event in your college transition. It will help you get in touch with other new Retrievers, the UMBC campus community, and get you in contact with campus life and academic resources. One of the most important pieces of your orientation will be registering for your fall classes! An academic advisor will help you in a one-on-one setting to ensure you start on the right path to graduation from day one.

If you have not already registered for orientation, you can do it right now on your computer! All you have to do is visit and pick a day that works for you. While you are there, check the “Before Orientation” tab to make sure you are all ready to go on once you arrive. This could include ensuring you have already completed placement testing, sent us any advanced credit scores (like AP testing) from high school, and collecting any miscellaneous paperwork that is needed like health forms.

If you need any help, feel free to call our office or send us an email. We can’t wait to see you this summer!


Commit by May 1st!!


Hello, Seniors!

Spring break is complete and you are now in the home stretch of senior year!

But, before you start dreaming of prom, graduation, and summer fun, you have one key step left in your college admissions process. You need to pick your school. We know there are a ton of fantastic universities around MD and the country but we are hopeful you will find your home here at UMBC!


May 1st is the national deposit deadline for you to declare your intent to attend UMBC or any other university nationally. To accept your admission offer to UMBC, you will need to accept it via your myUMBC account and submit your enrollment deposit to secure your place in the class of 2021.

We are extremely impressed with all the applications we received. We are excited for the students who have already committed to being a retriever and look forward to many more students joining them!

Still, have a few questions about UMBC or want to visit before May 1st? Come on in or give us a call, we are happy to help!

We look forward to meeting everyone at Summer Orientation!


‘Tis the Season for Orientation!

Hello all my Retrievers!


Today marks the very first day of Summer Freshman Orientation 2016! We are beyond excited to welcome you all to the House of Grit and your new home. We have decked campus out in black and gold for you, the campus is buzzing to meet its newest additions, and the faculty and staff cannot wait to start working with you!


School spirit is in this Summer Orientation!

So what can you do if you are still waiting for you orientation? Check out all the action on Twitter! @UMBCorientation has the scoop on what’s happening all over campus and be sure to check their hashtags. You can also visit for many helpful tips and tricks including what to bring, how to connect to the Class of 2020, and meet your OPAs, the Orientation Peer Advisors, at

Make sure you meet your new classmates, make connections, and get excited for the Fall Semester!


On behalf of the entire Retriever Community, welcome to UMBC Class of 2020!

The House of Grit!

Hello all,

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day!

If you haven’t already finished school, I’m sure you are counting down the days. For those who have already graduated, CONGRATS!

You should all be very proud of yourselves and more importantly excited that you have completed one milestone and will now be on your way to a new journey this fall! As you will soon learn, UMBC students are well known for their hard work, innovation, diversity, and creativity.

As you prepare yourself for Orientation and starting your first year at UMBC, I encourage you to discover where you fit in The House of Grit.

You may be wondering…what does this mean?! Well…click HERE to find out!

Once you’ve taken the brief survey to determine what kind of Retriever you are, feel free to comment on this post and connect with other future Retrievers!

As always, you can stay up to date and find out what’s going on with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by following us on our social media sites @UMBCadmissions!



P.S. I am a UNITER!

What’s Next?!

Hello Everyone!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, I apologize for the hiatus! I hope everyone has been doing well and that everyone had a wonderful Spring Break.

If you are an admitted student, you may be wondering what comes next?



Registration for Orientation is up and running! You can register by visiting or through your myUMBC account.

Orientation will include a variety of information for both our new students and their families. You will also select your courses at Orientation for the Fall 2016 semester!

There will be multiple programs throughout the summer so you can sign up for the one that best fits with your summer plans. We also recommend that you take your Placement Tests prior to attending Orientation. Any questions regarding Placement Tests can be directed to

As always, be sure to continue sharing your excitement about UMBC on our social media accounts using the hashtag #UMBCadmit!



Until next time,

Gaby 🙂

Who Loves Orientation…We Do!!!

Hello Retrievers,

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is coming back in the full swing of things after the Holiday Break. Our next Winter Orientation is on Monday, January 11th! We can’t wait to see you there!

If you have been admitted for the Spring 2016 semester and have not registered for an Orientation program, make sure you do that as soon as possible. Programs are filling up, and we want to make sure that everyone can get registered for classes.

You may register for a Winter Orientation program here!

See you all soon!

5 Things With Ed: Winter Orientation

You were accepted for the Spring 2016 semester! We want to celebrate with you and start your career at UMBC off right!


There is still a lot to do before the Spring though! Let’s get a quick run down of Winter Orientation and what you have to do.

  1. Sign up for Winter Orientation! You can do so by clicking this link  and clicking on “Register for Winter Orientation.” Give us a call if you are having issues.
  2. Get familiar with campus! We have our wonderful Orientation Peer Advisors (OPAs) who will guide you through the transition to campus and life as a UMBC student.
  3. Sign up for classes! You will have a one on one advising appointment during your orientation day. Together, the two of you will collaboratively build your class schedule and set you on the path to success.
  4. Make some new friends. Everyone is coming to a new school, adjusting to a new campus, and it’s a major life change. You may just make a new best friend so make sure to introduce yourself to a lot of people!99cb0ec0-1a8f-0132-70f4-0add9426c766
  5. Rep the Retrievers! All students who attend Orientation receive a UMBC Fight Song T-shirt. If you want any other UMBC gear be sure to visit the bookstore!

That’s all for now! We can’t wait to see you at Orientation!

Welcome to the DAWG HOUSE!

FullSizeRender (2)

Hello to all of my new UMBC Retrievers!


Join us on our Orientation Safari with our Orientation Peer Advisors (OPAs). Incoming students will have the chance to attend breakout sessions to learn more about UMBC’s academic requirements, campus resources, and student life.

Most importantly on this safari, you will meet with an academic advisor to discuss your academic goals, select, and register for your fall semester classes. Needless to say, our Orientation programs are mandatory!

For our admitted students who have not registered for an Orientation program yet, you will need to do so as soon as possible as our programs are already underway. You can register for a program by visiting Trust me; you do not want to miss all the fun (and treats) on this Safari ride!

FullSizeRender (1)

To meet more of our OPAs, click here!

You will be able to see what goes down in the DAWG House on our orientation instagram and twitter accounts @umbcorientation.


If you haven’t done so already, be sure to follow the UMBC C/O 2019 Facebook page, and follow us on twitter and instagram @UMBCadmissions.  Don’t be afraid to post a selfie or two with the #UMBCadmit15! smilely

Summer 2013 Orientation Registration Now Available

Just wanted to check in with a short announcement: Orientation and Placement Testing registration is now available to all Fall 2013 admitted students! Admitted students can access the Orientation registration through their myUMBC accounts, or by clicking on the following link:

I would encourage students to take a look at our Orientation website. On the Orientation website you’ll also find a link to the UMBC Class of 2017 Facebook page:

Orientation 2013

Above and Beyond – Orientation 2011

Happy after May 1st!  Things here in the Admissions Office have been a little crazy up to this point, but I think we’re just as excited as you that the May 1st deadline has passed, and we can’t wait to meet all of you at Orientation this summer!  Orientation is a great time for you to get adjusted to campus, sign up for classes, learn the “nuts and bolts” of UMBC, meet some of your future classmates, roommates, and best friends, and get excited about coming to college in the fall!

Interested in taking your Orientation and Course Selection Day to the next level?  Sign up for our EXCURSION weekend!  This extended Orientation event will allow you to spend the weekend at Hemlock Overlook in Clifton, Virginia outdoors with your future classmates.  This outdoor adventure weekend will push you to the limits through rock climbing, caving, zip-lining, and camping, as well as get to know some faces at UMBC on a whole other level.  For more information on the Excursion Weekend and to sign up, checkout the website!

So I may have used a lot of exclamation points in this blog post (I just realized this) but that is because Orientation is the beginning of your college experience, and that is something to be excited about!  Below are some helpful links to help you navigate the Orientation process and get ready to start your semester at UMBC!