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  1. por favor quisiera saber como puedo hacer para iscribir a mi hijo en noviembre proximo a febrero del 2009

  2. Thanks for the comment above, we’ll be responding directing to the email address you provided. To others who also have questions, feel free to leave comments on the blog or contact the admissions office. Thanks!

  3. Hello and Good afternoon.

    (To Mr. Josh Lubben):

    Thanks for this blog. I appreciate the opportunity to ask questions of UMBC Admissions Counselors directly, so here is my question:

    I live in Mitchellville, MD. in Prince george’s County. I am a high school senior (ok, not quite yet but I will be a high school senior in two days when school year begins, smile). I intend to apply to UMBC to studu mechanical Engineering.

    If one applies for early Action and one gets admitted, great! But if one do not get admitted via UMBC Early Action, what are the chances that if one then applies for Regular Admission, one will be considered favorably?

    (Ok, you may substitute “I” for “one” o the above). The “I” is me, of course.

    Thank you.

    Kwesio Andoh
    CHFHS Class of 2009
    2:32pm EST

  4. Thanks for the comment, Kwesio. If a student applied for our Early Action deadline (Nov. 1st) and they are not admitted, they are automatically reconsidered during the Regular Decision application period (deadline for RD is Feb. 1st). EA is more competitive but a student would not need to reapply to be reconsidered during the RD period.

  5. Hi and Good Evening!

    I had a question about early admissions too.
    I am taking the a second SAT in november and I was wondering if I could apply for early admission and send in my second SAT scores in mid-November or do I need to wait until I have my scores in order to apply?

    Thank You,
    Noelle M.

  6. Hi Noelle- Students who apply for the Early Action period must have all credentials (including SAT scores) submitted by the November 1 deadline. If we deem it necessary we will wait for SAT scores from tests that are taken after the November 1 deadline, however you must have scores to submit in order to apply for the EA period.

  7. I am applying early action to UMBC. But, I am wondering if the application has to arrive by November 1st to the school, or if has to be postmarked by November 1st. Also, I have a fee waiver that was given to me, based on financial aid, by my counselor . Can I just stick it in my envelope, along with my application that I am going to mail? What if I decide to apply online; then how can I use the waiver?

  8. For Josh Lubben,

    I have a question about early action.

    UMCP has a “priority” application process broken into two parts: one deadline Nov 1st (demographic info) and the second Dec 1st (essay, transcripts,…). For UMBC’s Early Action application the deadline is Nov 1st only. Does this mean that UMBC needs all the application materials by Nov 1st, including the essay, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.?


  9. Hi Neha– If you are applying for the Early Action deadline your application must be postmarked by November 1st, along with all of your required credentials. Also, because of the type of fee waiver it sounds like you have you must complete the paper application. Please let me know if you have more questions. Thanks!

  10. Hi Justin– The Early Action deadline at UMBC requires that students submit their application and all required materials by November 1st. You must have all your materials, including transcripts, SAT scores, etc., at least postmarked by November 1st.

  11. So, I just found out that I can’t submit a fee waiver. Instead, counselor has to write a letter for me, stating my financial status. If I am applying online, then how can I submit this letter. Will the online application let me submit my application without the fee?

    Also, I still have the question about the deadline. Does the application need to be postmarked by November 1, or does it need to arrive at UMBC by November 1?

  12. I am applying using the online application. Does it need to be submitted before Nov. 1 or could I submit it on Nov. 1 for Early action to be possible?

  13. I took a class at a community college close by and I would like to transfer the credits I receive to UMBC. How would I go about that?
    Also I have AP credit from the tests that I took. Could I send UMBC a copy of the paper that I received from College Board that has my score on it?

  14. I recently applied through the early action program and I was wondering, on average, how long it takes to receive a response from UMBC. Thanks!

  15. Hi Daniel- Sorry to not get back to you before Nov 1, but Early Action applications should be submitted no later than November 1. Applications sent through the mail should be postmarked by at least Nov 1.

  16. Hi Angela- If you wish to receive credits for a class you must submit an official transcript from the institution that you attended. Also, for AP tests you must submit OFFICIAL scores. We cannot accept a copy of the score report you received. You can wait to submit your AP scores until after you have received your admissions decision.

  17. Hi Matt- Students who apply Early Action typically receive their decision letter around mid-December. This is assuming, of course, that we have received all the required credentials for an application to be considered complete.

  18. Thanks for the quick response. I also have one more question though. If I sent in my early application online before the 1st but it wasn’t confirmed until after the 1st, did I still make the deadline?

  19. Hi Matt– If you submitted your online application before the November 1st deadline, and also had all of your other required materials at least postmarked by Nov 1, then you will be considered for our Early Action deadline. Thanks!

  20. Hello, I have a question about the application fee, after I submitted my online application it told me I didn’t have to pay. However, I am not a distinguished scholar or merit scholar. So I’m thinking I clicked (or didn’t click) something wrong. I’d be more than happy to send in the fee if you let me know how much it is, and to whom.

    Thank you so much!!

  21. Hi Amber- You can send your fee in the form of a check to the address listed under our Contact section. Thanks!

  22. I see in the posts above that anyone who applied for spring admission by the November 1 deadline will not receive notice of admission/rejection until mid-December. Assuming someone is accepted, how does this effect registering for classes since registration begins next week? Should I go ahead and register for spring classes at the community college I’m currently attending so that I’m assured a place in the classes I want in the event I’m not accepted to UMBC? Thanks for your help.

  23. Hi Marianne- If you applied for the Spring 2009 semester by November 1st then you will probably hear back sooner than mid-December. The students who will be hearing back in mid-December are students who applied Early Action for the Fall 2009 semester. Applicants for the Spring 2009 semester will probably hear from us about 3-4 weeks after their application becomes complete.

  24. Hi.
    I know a counselor recommendation is required, but I was wondering how many teacher recommendations UMBC prefers to receive. I wanted to send in two, but I’m not sure.

  25. Hell Rmarie- For letters of recommendation we will accept up to two, and they can come from teachers or counselors. It is up to you who they come from, we do not have a preference, but please limit the number you send to two [we have a lot to read πŸ™‚ ]. Thanks!

  26. Hi
    I probably know the answer to this already, but in case I’m wrong I just want to know. I was thinking about applying for the Meyerhoff Scholarship Program but it requires a regular UMBC application. I just found out I was nominated. That means that UMBC’s admissions office needs to get everything including current transcripts by Dec. 1 even if the regular UMBC applications are due in Feb, right?

  27. Hi jlubben, I have another question.
    I’m actually trying for a different scholarship now, the Linehan Artists Scholar. It requires two recommendations and UMBC suggests two as well. Should I be sending two to the admission’s office and another two to the financial office because Linehan has a form for teachers to fill out while UMBC in general doesn’t. If yes, then do the two recommendations for UMBC have to be the same as the ones for Linehan?

  28. Hi BW- If you have already sent letters of recommendation to the Admissions Office, and you feel those letters would suffice for the Linehan Scholarship, then you do not need to resend the letters to Financial Aid. However, please note that the Linehan program expects the letters to be “one from someone familiar with the student’s accomplishments in the arts and one from someone familiar with the student’s academic work.” If the letters that you sent do not fit this, then I would suggest getting recommendations specifically for Linehan. You can also check out the following link for info on applying to the Linehan program: http://www.umbc.edu/undergraduate/pdf/linehan_app.pdf

  29. Hey,
    Hope everybody’s holidays were as awesome as mine. MR Lubben, I was just wanted to ask a “hypothetical” situation haha; If “my friend” denied his FAFSA grant earlier this year (not knowing he was going to be considering UMBC) but has come to fall in love with UMBC and changed his mind to attend here, then is it possible to recover that grant? Or will I..hmm I mean HE have to reapply for FAFSA. Thanks PS. It’s really cool that the staff get really involved like this

  30. Hi Ahmed- I’m not sure if I entirely understand your…I mean your friend’s…situation but if you are considering UMBC for the Spring 2009 semester, and want to know if it is possible to receive aid for that semester, then the answer is ‘yes,’ you can receive aid for just the Spring semester. You would need to make sure you include the UMBC code on your FAFSA, but you shouldn’t have to completely re-file. Info about financial aid packages then comes after a student is admitted.

  31. Hi there. I’m probably being a bit paranoid about my application to UMBC, but I just wanted to ask about something you stated in an earlier post. I’m pretty sure I ended up sending four teacher recommendations instead of two. Will I be penalized for this or will you guys just read the first two to arrive?

  32. Hi Jared- Don’t worry, we won’t penalize anyone for sending more than two letters of recommendation. But we do ask students to limit the number they send to two. Thanks!

  33. If I’m applying for the Meyerhoff scholarship and the honors college, do I have to write the essays for the honors college application as well?

  34. Hi dhildy- If you are applying to both Meyerhoff and the Honors College you will be required to complete both applications and the essays for each application. However, students who are applying to any other of the 5 Scholars programs (CWIT, Sherman, Linehan, Humanities, Sondheim) will have the option on their Scholars application to mark that they want the Scholars application to also be used for the Honors College. The Meyerhoff program requires that you complete both apps though.

  35. hi. i applied for the fall 2009 by early action, but still didn’t get a mail from umbc. And i know that the college will send it by december 15th. If i’m not admitted to the collge, would you send a mail anyway or do i have to wait until next spring?

  36. hello aaabcc- Early Action applicants have not been sent notifications yet; you can expect to receive a decision letter by late-December. I believe Dec 15 is listed on CollegeBoard but that is a rough notification date, not an exact date. We will be sending our EA decision letters out soon and even students who are deferred to Regular Decision will receive a letter.

  37. Sorry for the delayed response, my internet has been down forever! I just wanted to say thanks for the info. This whole Q&A thing that you’re doing is very helpful and I know everyone appreciates it.

  38. hello i have a question regarding the decision letter. Will the check my application Status be updated as soon as the decision is made? or our first option of knowing is only by the letter from umbc.

  39. hello! I was just wondering if there was a specific reason as to why umbc is notifying early action candidates later than the date posted on collegeboard.com It is important to all of those prospective students to know whether or not they have been accepted, and it seems odd that the unversity should deny applications after november 1st, but fail to send out decisions by december 15. Is it possible to call-in and find out your decision?

  40. Hi Khanh- We notify students of their admissions decision through the mail, you won’t be able to check your decision online.

  41. Hello Peter- The December 15 date listed on CollegeBoard is not an official date. UMBC only promises to notify students by late-December. Some of the information that CollegeBoard collects is at their discretion, and not official information listed by the university. We will be mailing our Early Action letters soon, and we do not give decisions over the phone. Thank you very much for your patience.

  42. Jlubben, late december is not an official date either. what do you mean by “soon”? Do you give online decisions to applicants who applied online? Did you receive more than the usual amount of applications this year for early action?

  43. Hi Peter- You are correct, late December is not an exact date. We notify all students of their decisions through the mail, and because we cannot guarantee a date by mail, we assure students that they will hear from us by the end of December. Again, sorry to keep you waiting, but we do receive thousands of applications per year, and I promise you we work hard to notify you as soon as we can.

  44. Hi, Mr. Lubben
    I missed the early action application because I wasnt completely sure if I wanted to attend UMBC, but now that I am 100% sure that its the school for me, what are the chances that someone who applies with regular decision will get in?

    Also, if your SAT scores aren’t up to par, what other factors will the university look at upon making a decision?

  45. Hi Ms. UMBC- When we review applications we take a variety of things into consideration. This includes a student’s academic record from high school (GPA, SATs or ACTs, strength of curriculum, trends in performance, grades in core courses, etc.), letters of recommendation, and essay. Our average GPA is about 3.6, average SAT is 1800 (all three sections), and our average ACT is 27. It is important to remember that these numbers are our averages, and we take many things into consideration when reviewing applications.

  46. Hello,
    I have a quick question about the Early Action Application at the University. If I submitted my application by the Novemeber 1 Early Action deadline, and have not heard anything from the Admissions office yet, then, how can I check the status of my application?
    Thank you.

  47. Hi Manprett- The Early Action decision letters were recently sent out to students. If your application was complete you can expect to receive a letter by the end of December. If you do not hear from us by that point please feel free to email our office.

  48. Does my counselor need to send a recommendation in addition to my transcript? If so, where can I find the form for the counselor rec/secondary school report, or is it the same as the teacher rec form?
    Thank You

  49. Hi,
    Where can I find what AP and IB classes are recognized by UMBC? And what scores you need for you to get credit.

  50. Hi Mary- If you are interested in seeing which AP and IB tests we accept, and what scores you need in order to get credit, I would suggest checking out our course catalog. The link can be found on our blog page but here it is as well: http://www.umbc.edu/catalog/

    The information about AP and IB classes is in Appendix II, which I believe starts on page 375.

  51. Hi, I had my fee waived but I can’t find my national merit certificate. Would honorable mention for Distinguished Scholar be sufficient or do you have to be a semi-finalist?
    Also, do I need to send in a copy before the application deadline or can I send it in anytime?

  52. Hi Alice- If you received an Honorable Mention for the Maryland Distinguished Scholars program you are eligible for an application fee wavier. I would also suggest sending your certificate or letter at the time you submit your application. In other words it would be best to send it before the deadline. If the letter or certificate did come after the deadline we would still accept it, but getting those items to us sooner rather than later is best. Thanks!

  53. hi , when will regular decision leters be sent out?
    it said by the end of JAn in the Deferred paper is that correct?

  54. Hi Khanh- We will be sending out letters for students who were deferred from Early Action quite soon, you can expect to receive it around early-to-mid February. Many students who applied Regular Decision will also receive their decision letters around mid-February.

  55. Hello,
    In regards to scholarships, how are they given out? Are they primarily based on SAT scores or are they a combination of SAT scores and the students high school GPA? I am asking because I was deferred from the early action because I had mistakenly not included any letters of recommendation ( so I did not have all my my required credentials ), and I was curious to see if I was still in the running for any scholarships or not. Thanks!

  56. Hi Jessica- Students who apply for the Fall 2009 semester are sent an email about 2 weeks after they submit their application with directions on how to set up a MyUMBC self service account. This account allows you to check the status of your application, but you won’t be able to find out your admissions decision with the MyUMBC account. All decisions are sent through the mail.

  57. Hi Matt- Merit-based scholarships are based on a student’s overall academic record. This includes your GPA, SAT scores, trends in your academic performance, and the strength of your curriculum (we like to see a strong college prep curriculum). Also, just as a reminder, letters of recommendation are not required, but if you do send them please limit the number you sent to two. Thanks!

  58. Hello,
    To be on the dean’s list what is the required GPA and the benefits? Thanks.

  59. Hi Julie- If students earn a semester grade point average of 3.75 or higher for a semester in which they are enrolled for at least 12 hours of graded credits (no P/F), they will have the notation of β€œDean’s List” posted to the transcript for that semester. Essentially this notation recognizes the student’s hard work and achievement for that semester. Check out this link for other academic honors: http://www.umbc.edu/registrar/ug_policy.html

  60. if i send in everything before the deadline but the school somehow got a misunderstanding and have not send in my transcript yet. is there anyway i can send it in overnight and still be considered for early? or deferred?

  61. Around what time will we receive notification about the Scholars Programs? I know it’s still early but I applied to the Humanities Scholars Program and I just wanted an approximate date.

  62. Hello,
    I just got my admission letter into UMBC and in my admission packet i was told to print and mail an enrollment intent/deposit form which i can get through myUMBC account but when i checked my account i couldn’t find the form. Please can you tell me what to do. Thanks!!!

  63. Hello,

    I just got my letter today saying I was accepted into the college and I was wondering how long it usually took to receive information about any scholarships I have received/am eligible for. Thanks!

  64. HI!
    In December, I submitted my application along with my college and high school transcript to UMBC. But today I found out that UMBC did not receive my high school transcript (which i resent today). Does this mishap lower my chances of being accepted and will I still be considered for any scholarships since I applied in December?


  65. Hi
    I filled out a paper application for the university and I was wondering if the same email you mentioned above (To Jessica) will be sent out to paper applicants. Also, how long does it take for the paper application to be processed. I haved waited 5 weeks now and I havent received anything. Absolutely Nothing!!

  66. Hi Khanh Ma- If you submitted your application by our deadline and your transcripts come soon after the deadline we will still be able to consider your application. Please send all of your credentials as soon as possible. Thanks!

  67. Hi Martha- You would have to confirm with the Scholars programs individually but I believe most of the programs begin notifying students later in February and into March. In the mean time I would also suggesting completing the FAFSA, the UMBC deadline is February 14. Thanks!

  68. Hello Fope- Please make sure to read the directions carefully. You are asked to create an updated MyUMBC account before you can print out your enrollment deposit form. The MyUMBC account you used to check the status of your application is only a temporary account and you will not be able to use it to confirm your enrollment.

  69. Hi Matt- Merit-based scholarship offers are sent to students approximately 3-4 weeks after a student receives their admissions letter. The reason for the delay is that our Scholarships Office does not review applications until after the Admissions Office has made a decision. Thanks for your patience.

  70. Hi Jessica- If you need to resend your transcripts or other required materials it will not lower your chances of admission, we will still give your application a full review. You will also be considered for our merit-based scholarships. Thanks!

  71. Hi Ms. UMBC- The confirmation email I mentioned to Jessica is also sent to students who submitted a paper application (assuming you included a correct email address). There may be a bit more time before a paper application student receives that email (since it is hard to tell when the mail will get us your application) but if you applied 5 weeks ago I would suggest emailing admissions@umbc.edu and asking that we check the status of your application. Thanks!

  72. Hi, i got accepted to UMBC and now i want to find out how much money I can get from the univeristy. How do I sign up for the financial aid and how do I get the informations about my financial aid? (I already filled in the FAFSA form and its processed) Thank you

  73. Hi Da- Congrats on your admissions! I am also glad to hear you completed the FAFSA. A reminder to others as well that the FAFSA is due February 14th. Financial aid information is then sent to admitted students’ MyUMBC accounts, and you can expect that information toward March. Any specific financial aid questions can also be emailed to finaid@umbc.edu. Thanks!

  74. Hi, I just got the email you sent me about checking my application status the other day ago. It says there that you have not received my high school transcript and my letters of recommendations yet. I have sent it on December 2008 even though I have just sent my application on February 1. Do I have to resend my transcript?

  75. Hi.
    I wanted to know if they have student shadowing for students who have been accepted?


  76. As a transfer student, I am currently enrolled in classes for this semester at a community college and have been told that UMBC is awaiting the transcript of my current classes. Does this mean that my app is effectively put on hold until I finish this semester, or will they make a decision that relies on the grades I receive in May? I’m just trying to get a feel for whether I should be expecting a decision letter sometime in March, or not until June.

  77. Hi, I was wondering how important is it to take a full schedule your senior year of high school. If you take less than 8 periods, will it ruin my chances of ever getting accepted? What if I took hard classes ( AP’s, Honors, etc.)?

  78. Hi Hil- If you submitted your application around our February 1st deadline is most likely has not been fully processed due to the large volume of applications around that time. Please continue to check your status online and you are also welcome to email admissions@umbc.edu in about a week if it still shows that we have not received your transcripts.

  79. Hi Jessica- If you are interested in seeing what are campus is like as a student I would suggest our New Student Day in April. You will have the chance to meet current students and faculty and learn about the campus. If you have further questions about visiting campus you can also email our office at admissions@umbc.edu. Thanks!

  80. Hi Mech-y- As a transfer student you are eligible for admission if you have at least 14 transferable credits and a 2.5 cumulative GPA. If you are admissible at this time we won’t wait for your Spring grades, but if we need your Spring grades they will be added to your checklist. You can also contact us if you are unsure as to whether or not we need your grades.

  81. Hi Alex- We do like to see that students are continuing with a challenging schedule into their senior year. However, some students do not take as many classes and choose to fill that other time with productive activities such as work or volunteering. You will want to make sure that your senior year continues with a college preparatory curriculum and you will be meeting your graduation requirements.

  82. Hi Vin- We have not sent out all of our decision letters for students who applied for Regular Decision. We are reviewing applications and sending out letters on a weekly basis at this point. Most students can expect a decision letter about 3-4 weeks after their application becomes complete. Thanks!

  83. Hi, I recently registered for the campus tour and information session scheduled for February the twenty-seventh. I was just wondering what exactly the information session entailed.

    I was also wondering whether an interview with an admissions counselor would be necessary or encouraged, and if so how I should go about scheduling one, preferably on the same day (the twenty-seventh of this month), if possible.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  84. Hi Brent- The information session will cover some basics about UMBC including how to apply, info about financial aid, student life, the Honors College, living on campus, and undergraduate research. Following the information session you will take an hour long walking tour of the campus.

    Also, the Admissions Office does not conduct interviews. If you would like to speak with an Admissions Counselor when you visit UMBC you will have that chance, but we do not do interviews. Thanks!

  85. Thanks for answering my question so quickly. When you say “strong college preparatory curriculum,” what exactly does that entail? Are a lot of honors classes considered as that? Are 2 0r 3 AP classes considered strong? What if you took a lot of classes in your intended field to major in?

    Please give me a ball-park range of what this entails.

  86. Hi Josh. I have a quick question. I am a transfer student and I have just applied online. I have completed 20 college level credits with a 3.7 gpa. By the end of this semester I will have completed 37 credits. Due to illness in high school I was unable to take an SAT. I am planning to send my transcript along with a schedule of my current classes and letter of recommendation. Will this be enough for them to make a decision?

  87. Hi Alex- A strong college prep curriculum doesn’t necessarily mean a student needs to be taking all Honors and AP classes. Essentially we like to see that students continue to take academic courses during their senior year (math, English, social sciences, languages, sciences, etc) and not just have a schedule full of electives.

  88. Hi Paul- We do require that transfer students with less than 30 credits send their high school transcripts and SAT and/or ACT scores. I would suggest including an explanation with your application as to why you were not able to take the SAT in high school, and then following up directly with our office. However, I cannot guarantee that we will be able to make a decision without waiting for you to earn over 30 credits. I don’t know when you graduated from high school but I do want to add that if you have been out of high school for more than 3 years we only require your high school and college transcripts. Thanks!

  89. I graduated from high school 2 years ago in 07. I was home schooled my junior and senior years due to epilepsy and the medications that I had to take. Who should write my explanation? (Me, high school counselor, my neurologist?) Also, I will have 37 college level credits by may 10th. In certain circumstances could they wait until the completion of this semester to make a decision?

  90. Hi Paul- The letter explaining your situation can come from you, and you can either mail it to our office or email it to us at admissions@umbc.edu. Also, we can certainly wait to make a decision on your application until we have your Spring 2009 grades. The final deadline for transfer students is May 31, so many transfer students submit grades in May.

  91. Hi Alex- Extracurricular activities can add to a student’s application and can be a great chance to show us the things they are interested in, as well as any leadership opportunities. However, when the Admissions Committee is reviewing applications we are looking at your academic work more than anything. We use several items provided with your Undergrad application (such as transcripts, SATs, ACTs, etc.) to look at your overall academic record.

  92. Hi Joe- Merit-based scholarship offers are sent to students approximately 3-4 weeks after they receive their decision letter. The Scholars programs that students applied for are notifying students around this time of year as well as conducting interviews. If you applied for a Scholars program and had questions you can contact that program directly. Thanks!

  93. What is the official date for the “Just For Juniors” chat? On UMBC’s chat homepage it says it is March 28th but on the chat log/schedule page it says it is March 11th?

    Also, is there by any chance a chat for prospective students looking for a departmental scholarship ( for example, I’ve been looking into the humanities scholarship)?

  94. Hi Alex- The Just for Juniors online chat will take place on March 11 from 7-10pm. The Just for Juniors Visit Day held here at UMBC will be on March 28. Also, if you are interested in learning more about our Scholars Programs you are welcome to contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office. We will do our best to answer your questions, and if we cannot help you we will connect you with someone from the program itself. Thanks!

  95. Hi,
    I was recently accepted into UMBC and plan to attend. I am entering as an undergrad so I have been given information about placement testing. Do you know if instead of placement tests for English and Crit. Reading if I could use my AP credits from high school instead? Thanks for any information.

  96. Hi Amira- Applicants typically receive a decision letter about 4-6 weeks after they apply, assuming that all required items were sent. Due to the large number of applications we received around our February 1st deadline, students who applied at that time will hear back from us closer to the 5-6 week mark. Thanks for your patience!

  97. Hi Shayma- All new incoming freshmen will need to take the placement exams because AP scores will not have been evaluated yet. You may end of receiving credit for your AP exam and not have to take either math or English, but at this time you should plan on taking the placement exams. Thanks!

  98. Hi Lisa- Our Freshmen Orientation programs are held during the summer. Orientation information is available to admitted students through their MyUMBC student account. Thanks!

  99. I am a non-traditional student, married with a family. I’ve been attending communtiy college part time and have 4.0 and will earn my AA by next spring. If I need to take a break from school due to family obligations before transfering to UMBC, how long is too long to be able to take advantage of special transfer programs and scholorships? If it’s longer than one or two years does that hurt my chances to transfer with aid?

  100. Hi Megan- The Undergraduate Admissions Office doesn’t require SAT subject tests are part of your application, so I don’t recommend taking them just for UMBC. However, if you take the subject tests for another university you are welcome to send them with your application, but not sending them won’t hurt you since we don’t require them.

  101. Hi Holly- If you choose to take time off before attending UMBC after you earn your AA it won’t have an negative affect on your admission. We understand that these sorts of obligations come up and we would review your application the same as if you were applying right after you graduated.

  102. I am currently at the University of Maryland College Park as a studio art major and I am looking to transfer to UMBC for graphic design but my academic history at college isn’t the best. I have a 2.531 and 58 credits, I was just curious what my chances are…

  103. Hi Jessica- When we review transfer applications we typically like to see at least 14 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. If you are above 2.5, are in good academic standing at your previous institutions, and don’t have any severe downward trends, you will most likely be admissible as a transfer student. Thanks!

  104. Hello

    I was told that I would be re-reviewed for scholarships after I sent in my updated SAT scores back in February, and I was wondering what the usual turnaround time was for students who do this.


  105. Hi Matt- I am not sure the turnaround time for applicants who are being re-reviewed for scholarships, but I would suggest contacting our Office of Scholarships at 410-455-3813 for more details. For an initial review of scholarships, most students are notified if they are being offered a scholarship about 4 weeks after they receive their admissions letter.

  106. I applied to UMBC for Fall 2009. I am transferring with an AA Degree. Is it possible for me to take a summer class at UMBC (such as a prereq course or foreign language class), or do I need to wait until the fall?

  107. Hi Lara- Admitted freshmen and transfer students for the Fall 2009 semester are allowed to take summer session courses before attending Orientation. If you want to take advantage of this option you would need to email admissions@umbc.edu letting us know you want to take summer classes and then we would be able to clear you to register. Please note, this option is available for admitted students who have submitted their enrollment deposit. Thanks!

  108. Hi Vin- If you filed the FAFSA by/or very near our priority deadline of February 14 then most students’ financial aid information is available by mid-to-late March. To check on your financial aid information you will need to access your MyUMBC. All financial aid information will be available through MyUMBC, including any additional follow up paperwork a student might have. Thanks!

  109. I have decided to attend UMBC. I am sending my enrollment form tomorrow. I tried to accept admission to UMBC online and was unable to do so. Does UMBC need to receive my enrollment via mail before I am able to accept on-line?

    The information packet I received is unclear regarding this.

    Thank you,

  110. Hi M- By sending in your enrollment deposit you will be confirming your acceptance to UMBC, even if you didn’t first confirm online. Congrats on your decision, we look forward to having you at UMBC! Make sure you also send your housing info if you plan to live on campus, and you can also sign up for orientation online. Thanks!

  111. Hi! I’m a transfer student who applied for the Fall of 2009. I was wondering about how long it takes for UMBC to mail off the decision letters, and if the admissions office also sends off rejection letters as well. I’m sorry if my question sounds silly; I really want to go here this fall and I’ve been anxious all week.

  112. Hi Jaz- The Admissions Office will notify a student of their admissions decision about 3 weeks after the application becomes complete (meaning we have received all required materials). There is also some initial processing time for the application, but most students will hear back from our office about 4 weeks after they submit an application. Thanks!

  113. Hi! I’m an admitted international student to UMBC for the fall semester of 2009. I have received both my acceptance letter and the packet of information, but not my campusID. Without this, I believe I cannot sign up for housing at the moment.

  114. Hi Xiaofei- If you have forgotten your MyUMBC campus ID please email the Admissions Office at admissions@umbc.edu. In your email please include your full name and date of birth for verification. Thanks!

  115. Hi and good afternoon
    i live in west Africa,Nigeria.i just finished high school and prepairing to get into a university,for the love and passion i have for umbc,i will love to come there but i dnt know any thing about the credentials and i don’t know if my WAEC will be necessary since i am submitting my sat1 results.
    Thanks lot and hope to hear from you soon.

  116. Hi Lebarty- For your question I would recommend emailing our office at admissions@umbc.edu. The details of applying as an international student are rather extensive and if you email our office we can connect you with one of our international counselors. Thanks!

  117. hello.I am an international student and i just got admitted to umbc. however i av not received my acceptance letter and my I-20. I would like to know when it will be sent to me.thanks

  118. Hi Steph- I believe you may have been in contact with our International Counselor, Michelle. She will be in contact with you soon regarding your decision letter and I-20, but feel free to send her an email if you have additional questions. Thanks!

  119. hello josh.i would like to know if umbc accepts the SAT report which is sent to students. if not,does it accept rush reporting of sat scores.

  120. Hi Steph- The Admissions Office does not accept the Student Score report. Official SAT scores need to be sent to UMBC through CollegeBoard. Thanks!

  121. Hi Josh,

    I was wondering if applying early action is more competitive than regular decision?

    Also do you look at one section of the SAT more than others as an admissions factor? For instance, if someone is really strong in writing but somewhat weak in math, will that look horribly bad? What if they are planning to major in something that has little to do with math? Basically, on the SAT do you prefer well-roundedness or strength in your field of study?

  122. Hi Alex- The Early Action decision period is more competitive than our Regular Decision period, but if a student applies Early Action, and they are not admitted, they are automatically deferred to Regular Decision.

    Also, UMBC uses all three sections of the SAT. We will use your highest scores from your tests if you take the SAT more than once. We do like to see that a student’s scores are consistent across all three sections. Thanks!

  123. Hello Josh,

    I was wondering how long it would take before I received an email with instructions on how to create a myUMBC account.

    I applied in March, but sent in my transcript April 2. I would love to keep track of my application status through a myUMBC account.

    Thanks for your time.

    – Shelly

  124. Hi Shelly- Students are typically sent the email about creating their MyUMBC account a few weeks after they apply. There is a delay because it takes a bit of time for our office to process the application. If it has been over 3 weeks since you submitted your application please feel free to email admissions@umbc.edu and we can help you in checking the status of your application. Thanks!

  125. hello josh,
    i have been admitted to both umbc and the honors college. however, my SAT scores are just been sent to the admissions office. will it still be possible for me to receive any scholarship. i sent an email to the scholarship office but they did not reply.thanks

  126. Hi Steph- If you have sent your SAT scores to the Admissions Office the Scholarships Office will have access to that information. At this point in the year I am not sure what offers are still being made for merit-based scholarships, but since you have been in touch with Michelle I would suggest emailing her, and she can then contact our Scholarships Office.

  127. I was admitted to UMBC March 30th as a transfer student and I was wondering when I will receive my financial packet in the mail? Also, will it include scholarship decisions?

  128. hello Josh

    Iam an international student fronm Nigeria who wants to school in UMBC. Please can I have information regarding admissions, scholarships and loans for international students
    thank you and Best Regards

  129. Hi Lara- Sorry for the delay in response, I have been away from the office for a few weeks. To answer your question, financial aid packages are sent to a student’s MyUMBC account. The Office of Financial Aid does not send financial aid package information through the mail, you will find all of it through MyUMBC. If you have questions about your financial aid package you may contact our Office of Financial aid at 410.455.2387.

  130. hi I apllied for umbc in march .I never got any reply back yet. The transcript i send u ihad a 2.1 .Now my gpa has gone up to 2.5. I am not sure what should i do .should i send u guys my transcript that i have a 2.5 now. can u please infrom me if i got in or not. so i can register my classes .

  131. Hi Usama- I would recommend checking the status of your application using your MyUMBC account. You will be able to see if we are requesting any additional documents. We typically like to see at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA for transfer students so it is possible we are waiting for your Spring grades. Please also feel free to email admissions@umbc.edu with questions. Thanks!

  132. Tanks a lot for tell me about umbc account . I had no idea about it. I just send in my final transcript. I am also taking a summer class .I was wondering i get financial aid in my college so if i get accepted , would i still get aid for the fall semester

    • Hi Usama- We don’t require that transfer students have taken a math course before transferring to UMBC. However, if you have not taken a math course at the 100-level or above at your previous institution you will be required to take a math placement exam at UMBC to determine the level of math class for which you can register.

  133. oh well i took the placement test in my college and i took one math class. I am eligible to take a college level math class like math 101 .I am goin to take it in fall if i dont get accepted in umbc .

  134. hey i just checked my umbc status and it said i have been admitted. I accpeted it > and when i went back to my account it says its incomplete when a few hours ago it said i been admitted

    • Hi Usama- If you would like to check the status of your application you can email admissions@umbc.edu. However, if your online status went from Admitted back to Complete it usually means that you have successfully accepted your admission. Thanks.

  135. Hey, I was just filling out the application for UMBC for 2010 Fall semester, but on the application the only option was Fall 2009. How long do you think it will be until the application for the Fall 2010 semester?

    • Hi Anjali- The Fall 2010 application will be available online around mid-September to early October. If you would like to fill out the application sooner you can print and mail the PDF version of the application that is currently available. The application won’t change for the Fall 2010 semester, the essays will remain the same. Please let me know if you have additional questions. Thanks!

    • Hi Van- We can accept the SAT rush report from CollegeBoard. We simply need to receive your official SAT scores from CollegeBoard, we cannot accept the Student Copy of your scores. Let us know if you have additional questions. Thanks!

    • Hi Alex- UMBC does not participate in the Common Application program. We have our own application which you can complete online. Thanks!

    • Hi Emily- The Fall 2010 application will be online pretty soon, within the next two weeks. You can get an early start on the essay by viewing the PDF version that is currently online. Thanks!

  136. Hi, I am trying to apply to umbc by going through the online application way, but there was a question on there that ask ” When do you plan on enrolling” the choices were online spring 2010, I am a highschool senior this year and I want to apply for Fall 2010.

  137. I’ve been looking everywhere on the undergraduate admissions site for the secondary school report and cannot find it! Do you know where its located?

  138. Hi,

    I graduated from the university of maryland college park back in 2006 and I was interested in taking some undergraduate courses as a non-degree/un-matriculated student.

    Do I have to go through a different application process?

    Is there any academic criteria that I have to meet?

    And finally are restrictions to the classes that I can take?

    thanks in advance

  139. Hi,
    Thanks for all the great info. I am filling out the form andd it is asking me about major, I want to do chem. eng. with bioengineering track,
    Do I say Biochemical eng. or Chemical eng.?
    No where on website I could find if biochemical eng is same as chem. eng. – bioengineering track.

    • Hi MG- You will want to mark down Chemical Engineering. For our Undergraduate programs we offer Chem, Computer and Mechanical Engr. You can pursue biochem engineering through the Chem Engr major and BioChem Engr is also offers as an accelerated Masters program. Thanks!

  140. I am student in Howard County and as i was filling out the UMBC Fall Application, there was required field that was not working. The Immigrant Status field did not have the Permanent Resident Pending value which is my current status. Can you please reply back with other alternativies with which i can solve this problem.

    • Hi Ramana- If you do not have an option to select Pending Permanent Residency you may instead be able to put “Other.” If you do this please indicate elsewhere on your application that you are pending permanent residency. You can also opt to complete the paper application. Thanks.

  141. Hello!

    On the myUMBC portal, it has a to do list and under it are listed honors essay and questions. I filled them out with my application online. It says “initiated”? What does that mean?


    • Hi Lyn- If an items shows as “Initiated” that means it has not been received. There is some processing time for application materials but if your items continue to show as Initiated you can contact the Admissions Office at 410-455-2292 to have us check on your application. Thanks!

    • Hi Aj- Recommendation letters can come from teachers or counselors. We do ask that you limit the number of recommendations you send to two. Thanks!

  142. The October 10th SAT scores do not come out until the 29th. If I plan on using those scores for the Early Action admission will rush report work from college board?

  143. Hi there, I wasn’t quite sure where to post a question as my problem involves both undergraduate and graduate study.
    I am applying to the clinical psy. PhD for the Fall Semestre 2010, but as I study International Relations in university (in Turkey) , I need to take some prerequisite courses to be qualified for any superior study.
    My coursework will sum up to more than 18 hours per week; which I believe the legal limit for getting an F-1, as a non-degree student can I get an I-20 and a F-1 visa accordingly??

    Thank you so much for your assistance

    • Hi Hande- For an answer to your question I would ask that you contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 410-455-2292 or email admissions@umbc.edu since your situation is rather specific. You can ask to speak with one of our International Admissions Counselors. Thanks!

  144. Hello again,

    I am planning on applying to the Sondheim Scholars program and it specifies that i must submit two letter of recommendation. Can I simply re-submit the two letters I am using for regular admission or must I/can I submit two more?

    Also, how strict is the essay length limit of 350 words? I may have slightly exceeded this length…

    • Hi Alicia- You are welcome to use the same letters of recommendation for both your Undergraduate application and your Sondheim application if you would like to do so. With regards to your essay, you can exceed 350 words but do your best to stay close to the limit. Thanks!

  145. Hello! I have two questions.

    Will UMBC receive the October 10 SAT scores in time for the early action deadline?
    If I’m applying for early action and UMBC honors college, do I need to send an application to the honors college with the early action undergraduate admissions even though the deadline for it is January 15?

    • Hi Van- Yes, the Admissions Office will accept October SAT scores for Early Action. We recommend including UMBC on your list of schools to have the scores sent to if you would like the scores considered for EA.
      For the Honors College, you may submit your Honors application separately if you apply to UMBC during Early Action. That decision is up to you. Thanks!

  146. Haldo! Quick question – I tried to call the admissions office but, for whatever reason, it wouldn’t go through – how do I get my fee waived, as a National Merit Semifinalist? I have a copy of my letter, but I’m going to apply online. Do I mail it separately?

    • Hi Natalie- If you answer that you are part of the National Merit Scholars program on your online application you won’t be prompted to pay the application fee. Following that you would simply need to mail a copy of your letter. Thanks!

  147. I submitted my application to UMBC today and I indicated that I was a Maryland Distinguished Scholar Honorable Mention student. But I think I lost my letter indicating that I got into the scholars program…I know that if I don’t have the proof I would have to pay the $50 fee. How can I pay for it online? I can’t pay it by mail because the deadline is in a couple of days…

    • Hi Maria- If you cannot provide proof of being part of the Maryland Distinguished Scholars program you mail a check to the Admissions Office. You may also want to contact MDS to see if they can provide you with a copy of your letter. Thanks!

  148. Hi Josh- The application asks that one provides a “list and description of recent activities.” Can this be in actual “list” form, or in an essay format?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Alicia- A list will work just fine. If you need to elaborate on anything you can do so. Thanks!

  149. One more question-
    Did the letters of recommendation have to be postmarked by Nov. 1?
    I heard from a student that it was possible to email them, if approved by an admission’s rep. Is this correct?

    Thanks again, Alicia

    • Hi Alicia- Letters of recommendation are not required and therefore did not need to be postmarked by Nov 1. If you send letters of recommendation we ask that you mail them to our office, and please limit the number of letters you send to two. Thanks!

  150. Hello, UMBC admissions! I am a current junior at Notre Dame Preparatory School and I was wondering if there are any visit days in the spring of 2010 on the weekends.

  151. Hi I applied early action for fall 2010 and my application status says incomplete. The only thing in my “to do list” is a college transcript from my local community college. I have yet to receive my grades there so I am having them send my transcript after my grades are posted. Will this affect my chance at early action?

  152. Hello,

    I submitted an application for the Early Action period but my application status reads that the application is incomplete ( missing my transcript and letters of recommendation.) I had my both my transcript and letters mailed in early October. Should I be worried that they have still not arrived? Will their absence disqualify my application as an Early Action App?

    • Hi Alicia- During this time of year there is about a 3 week processing period for applications and application materials due to the large volume of items we receive. You can continue to monitor the status of your application online and as long as your items were at least post-marked by November 1 then your application will be considered during the Early Action period. Thanks!

  153. hi, i’m interested in applying for umbc honor program. And I was wondering when I would get the letter?

    • Hi Jun Ann- If you are interested in the Honors College you must submit the Honors College application. When students apply online they have the option to submit the Honors College application when they submit their Undergrad Application or they can submit it separately. The Honors College application is due January 15.

  154. I intend on applying to UMBC regardless of the answer to my question, but I was wondering if there were any undergraduate application fee waivers?

    • Hi Talisa- UMBC offers fee waivers for students who are part of the National Merit Scholars program or the National Achievement Scholars program. Students who are part of these programs must mail proof of award with their application in order to have their fee waived. Thanks!

  155. Hi I have a problem, I am trying to keep track if UMBC has got everything I sent in. Before I was able to check through myumbc but now that link to check your application status is gone.
    I sent my applications in before Nov. 1

  156. Hi. I am currently a high school senior and a PEP student at CCBC and I wanted to know if I should send my fall semester transcript now with my application or should I send it after my spring session is over so that it is only one transcript for both semesters.

    • Hi Muhammad- If you are a freshmen applicant for the Fall 2010 term and are asking if you need to send your college transcripts with your application the answer is ‘no.’ However, if you decide to enroll at UMBC and would like to receive transfer credits for those classes you will need to send transcripts after you have grades. Thanks!

  157. Hey, I submitted my UMBC regular decision application January 11 and I was wondering when I would hear back from UMBC


    • Hi Darya- The Admissions Office will begin notifying Regular Decision students through the mail in mid-February. Regular Decision applicants with completed applications can expect to hear from UMBC over the next several weeks. Thanks!

  158. Hi, I was wondering when i will receive a decision letter. I sent my application over a month ago and was beginning to worry about when I will receive a decision letter. Hope to hear back from you. Thanks.

  159. Hi, I’m an incoming freshman this year, and I want to ask for the honor college, are the classes really hard? And I want to be in honor college, so do I have to fill out the application by Dec 31 for the fall semester 2011-2012? Will there be any change in the cost as well as financial aid in general?

    • Hi Quinn- The Honors courses tend to cover more material than a regular section of a course and they do so at a faster pace. Not all of the classes a student in the Honors College takes are honors sections or seminars. For the Honors College requirements see the following link: http://www.umbc.edu/honors/requirements.php

      Additionally, I recommend the following link for application requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact the Honors College (honors@umbc.edu) if you have questions about applying as a current student. http://www.umbc.edu/honors/prospective.php

      If you are admitted to the Honors College the cost of attendance is not different than what it is for students who are not in the Honors College.

    • Hi Sana- The maximum number of credits a student can register for on their own is 19.5. It is possible to register for more than 19.5 credits but approval from advising is required. On average a full-time student will register for 15 credits per semester.

  160. Hi. I was reading about the Accounting Certificate you offer at UMBC. If I decide to study and get this certificate, are there certain majors I cannot take with it (in the Economics Department, such as Financial Economics-since there is some overlapping)?

    • Hello!
      The account certificate can be completed along with any major you choose to pursue. If the classes for a major and the certificate overlap that is perfectly fine. That would just mean that a class could meet a requirement in both of those areas.

      For your question below: We don’t have a minimum ACT score required but in the past few years the average ACT score have been a 27.


  161. Good day! I just want to ask what GPA is considered competitive for transfer students? Also, if I only go for 12 credits per semester (and getting the additional 6 credits remaining every summer), how will that affect my application? My friend told me that not getting 15 credits per semester is viewed unfavorably by the admission committee since it is not rigorous enough. However, I do have a part time job, that’s why. Can I still have a shot for this one? By the way, I am currently working towards my A.A degree now and I am wondering if my A.A degree can give me an advantage for getting accepted as a transfer student. Thanks!

    • Hi Lea,
      The Admissions Committee typically likes to see that a transfer student has at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA. The average GPA for our admitted transfer students is a 3.0. In addition to cumulative GPA, the Admissions Committee reviews the classes a student has been taking, grades in individual courses and trends. To be considered a transfer student you must have at least 14 transferable credits but we do not have a preference as to how many classes you take each term. If you earn an Associates degree from a Maryland community college you will be guaranteed admission into any of the Maryland public 4-year colleges or universities your first time applying.
      Let me know if you have additional questions. You can also email admissions@umbc.edu if your questions require more detail. Thanks!

  162. Hi! I wanted to know more about the Pre-Dental program at UMBC, specifically the accelerated program that you offer. How much time, overall, does it take to complete the pre-dental and dental education? Also, if I select this program, do I have to complete a major as well, and if so, is there a specific one I must select? I would appreciate it if you could give me more information about this program. Thank you!

    • Hi Amy,
      The majority of dental schools require that a student earn a Bachelors degree before entering the dental school. Our Pre-Dental program (http://www.umbc.edu/catalog/display.php?major=32) can be completed with any major and can be completed in four years. An accelerated program does exist where a student can finish their last year of their Bachelors degree while pursuing the first year of dental school but this option is VERY competitive so most people complete their Bachelors before going to dental school.

  163. i am just about the requirement for computer science transfer student, the gpa

    • Hi Abdulais,
      If you’re asking about the minimum GPA requirement for the Computer Science program we do not have one, but as I mentioned above, the Admissions Committee typically likes to see at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA. However, this GPA does not guarantee admission because the Admissions Committee considers a number of factors related to a transfer student’s past academic record.

  164. Hello, I’m going into my senior year at Dulaney High School, and I was just wondering what all this GPA requirement is about? Everybody tells me I need this and that, but the problem is that everybody says something else. So what’s really going on?

    Please email me?

    • Hi Stephan,
      The Admissions Committee considers a number of factors when reviewing an application for a freshmen student. The factors include a student’s curriculum in high school, grades in their individual classes, trends with grades, overall GPA, test scores such as SAT or ACT, the student’s essay and letters of recommendation. We do not have a minimum GPA requirement but the average GPA of our incoming freshmen is a 3.6. Most students need about a B/B+ average to be competitive for admission. Additional information about applying as a freshmen can be found here: http://bit.ly/cwYLFP

  165. Hello. I have only taken the ACT once and was planning on retaking it once before applying for Early Action at UMBC. Is it possible for me to take the test on October 23 (for which scores are available November 9) and still use it in my application for the November 1 deadline? If this is possible, is there a special process I will have to follow (like rushing scores)? Thank you.

    • Hi Jane,

      In the past we have been able to consider October test scores for Early Action applicants since those scores arrive to us fairly soon after the deadline. I do recommend having the scores rushed to us; you can also include UMBC’s ACT code when you take the test to ensure the scores arrive to us as soon as possible. Make sure to have the rest of your application to us by November 1, including the test scores you already have available.

  166. Hello. I just wanted to know about your bioengineering program. I see that it is a track of the Chemical Engineering major. Does that mean that if I want to study bioengineering that I must first complete core requirements from chemical engineering? Also what would be the degree awarded for those who complete the bioengineering- chemical or bioengineering? I am a little confused about this program and would appreciate it if you could sort it out for me. Thanks!

    • Hi Anna,

      If you are interested in studying Biochemical engineering that program is a track available for Undergraduate students in the Chemical Engineering department. The major would be a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and you would be able to choose the Biochemical engineering track. For additional information please see the following link: http://www.umbc.edu/cbe/undergrad/bs.php

  167. I have a couple of questions about letters of recommendations: I wanted to have one of my letters from a Volunteer Coordinator who knows me well, can I do this? If so, what information should be filled on the recommendation form, since many fields are not applicable? Also since the letter won’t be from the school, does the recommender to sign the seal to keep it confidential?

    • Hi Lily,

      The Admissions Committee is usually looking for letters of recommendation that allow us to learn more about a student’s academic performance in high school. This typically means that the letters of recommendation we receive (limit of 2) are from a student’s teachers or a high school counselor.

  168. Hello!

    I have a few questions today. I am applying as a transfer student for the spring 2011 semester.

    Is it better to apply to UMBC as early action or a regular term? Also, If I apply during the early action period, will my past gpa only count towards my admission decision? Or will UMBC wait until the fall term is over to make a decision?

    • Hi Katie,

      Transfer students applying for the Spring 2011 semester have two deadlines: the November 1 priority deadline, and the December 15 final deadline. November 1 also marks our Early Action deadline but Early Action is for Fall 2011 freshmen applicants.

      The priority deadline (Nov 1) for transfer students allows you to be considered for our transfer scholarships if you are eligible (http://www.umbc.edu/financialaid/scholar_transfer.html). I also suggest applying earlier instead of waiting so you can hear back from our office about your admissions decision and then your transfer credit report sooner. If you apply for the priority deadline we may be able to make a decision without your Fall grades but if we did need the grades we would add that item to your “To Do” list in your myUMBC account.

    • Hi Jason,
      We do not require an additional essay for our application, just chose one of the essays from the common application. If you are applying to the Honors College or any of our 6 scholars programs, they may require additional essays.

  169. Hi i have a few quick questions concerning the online application for the Fall 2011 semester. I am currently a senior at Middletown School High (MD) and plan to apply Early Action to UMBC. However, on the online application it only allows me to click Regular Decision, the Early Action bubble cannot be clicked.

    Also, when asked what term I plan to apply for, it says there are no terms listed to apply for. When will these be updated?


    • Hi Thomas,
      Our application for Fall 2011 will be available online tomorrow, Monday September 13. Please check the application tomorrow and it should allow you to decide if you want to apply Early Action or Regular Decision, as well as what term you are applying for. If you are still having troubles, feel free to e-mail admissions@umbc.edu.

  170. Hello,

    I’ve been trying to fill out my appliction for umbc for fall 2011, but online when in the application it says no term available..

    I was wondering when the term will be available so the application can be sent in


  171. Hello,

    I just finished my transfer application and it said my application fee was waived.

    However, I noticed that the only time fees get waived is when you are a member or have awards from all of the programs that I listed as N/A.

    The only “Scholar” award I received was a Scholar-Athlete award that is only to notify athletes at Harford Community College that they maintained a 3.0 during their academic season. Was the waiving of my fee a mistake and will I eventually have to pay the $50.00 anyway?

    Thank You.

    • Hi Alex,
      Transfer applicants are offered fee waivers if they are a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society for students at two-year institutions. If you answered yes to being a member your fee would be waived and you would need to send proof of membership. If you are not a member of this program you can mail your application fee (as a check) to our office.

  172. Hello Josh,
    I was given the Maryland Distinguished Scholar Honorable Mention. I belong to the class of 2011 and I was wondering if my application fee gets waived or not.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Chynna,
      It is possible for students who are part of the Maryland Distinguished Scholars program to have their fee waived. These students should still apply online and then send proof to our office that they are part of the program.

  173. Hi, I am applying to the UMBC Honors College and it says that we must also send an application to the regular undergraduate admissions of UMBC. What address would I mail the reccomendations to- the honors college admissins office or regular college admissions office?

    • Hi Zoha,
      You are correct, students interested in the Honors College program must apply to both the university and the Honors College. If the Honors College application is submitted separately from the Undergraduate application then the Honors College application should be sent directly to the following address: UMBC Honors College, 1000 Hilltop Circle, Albin O. Kuhn Library, room 216, Baltimore, MD 21250

      Letters of recommendation, as well as other items for the Undergraduate application, can be sent to the following address: UMBC, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD, 21250.


    • Hi Franck,
      Yes, UMBC does offer a fee waiver for students who are part of the National Achievement Scholarship program. Students who are eligible for a fee waiver must send verification of their award to the Admissions Office.

  174. Hello UMBC…

    I’ve already applied Early Action for UMBC. The website says that an email with my login info to check my application status will be sent 1 week after I receive my application receipt…but i haven’t received my login info yet. Is there anyway you guys can help me out with that. Also, I took the October SAT, and my scored will reach UMBC by Oct. 28. Will you guys have checked and downloaded those scores in time for me to be considered for Early Action? Or, am I ok just as long as my scores are there by the 28th? Thanks for any help πŸ™‚

    Have a great day!

    • Hi Tashe,
      Most students receive their myUMBC log-in information about 1-2 weeks from the time we receive their application. We need some time to process a student’s application and that is why the log-in information is not immediately sent.
      Also, yes, we are able to use October test scores for Early Action applications.

    • Hi Nella- If you have an application fee waiver from CollegeBoard you can apply online using either the UMBC application or the Common Application. For directions on submitting your application using the CollegeBoard fee waiver I suggest calling our office at 410-455-2292. Thanks!

  175. i submitted my application, letters of recommendation, and transcripts before the early addmisions deadline. However, it says my Transcipts have been “iniated”. as i read above, that means they haven’t recieved them? my transcripts are postmarked on Oct.30th, am i still eligable for early admissions?

    • Hi Samantha,
      It is quite likely that your application is still being processed and your checklist is not yet up-to-date. We receive a high volume of applications and supporting documents around our deadlines causing a processing period. We ask that you continue to monitor your status online and we thank you for your patience.

  176. Okay so I want to apply to UMBC online and i’ve already filled out the application and everything,, the only problem is the last part or payment part. Is it possible to use a fee waiver for an online application, or do i have to send the application with the waiver through mail?

    • Hi Benita,
      You are able to use the fee waiver using the online application. On the 3rd page of the application (question 26D) you can select that you are using a fee waiver. You will need to type in the name of your fee waiver (without any spaces) and you should be good to go! You will however need to mail us the actual fee waiver form itself before you fee will show up as paid on your myUMBC account. You can mail your fee waiver form to the Admissions Office at:
      UMBC Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation
      1000 Hilltop Circle
      Baltimore, MD 21250

    • Hi AA,
      Early Action applicants can expect to hear from our office in late-December.

      • OK, thank you. Do we find out about merit scholarships the same time, or do you do that separately?

      • Offers for merit-based scholarships are sent to eligible students a few weeks after an admissions letter. The Scholarships Office will most likely begin sending out merit scholarship offers in mid-January.

  177. My fee waiver doesn’t have a name on it and the online application says Are you a recipient of the UMBC alumni referral program or have a university reference code so I don’t no what to do.

    • Hi Benita,
      Feel free to call our office (410-455-2292) for further information on using an application fee waiver. Thanks!

    • Hi Youna,
      Early Action decision letters are sent in late-December. We typically begin notifying Regular Decision students during mid-to-late February.

  178. Hi,
    I was wondering when I will be receiving my admissions decision, I applied for early action and submitted it on Nov 1st. Today a couple of my friends already got their admissions decisions, but I didn’t. Does this mean I didn’t get in?

    • Hi Don,
      If you’ve checked your myUMBC account and your Early Action application is complete you should be receiving a decision letter soon. We cannot predict the mail so some students may have received their decision letters while other students may simply be waiting for the letter to arrive in the mail.

  179. I just received my acceptance letter – yeah! The letter states that admission does not guarantee admission to academic programs in the College of Engineering and IT (which is my major). It states that I must meet gateway requirements for full admission. Can you explain this and tell me when I will know if I am accepted into my program?

    • Hi Kristina,
      When a student applies to UMBC they are not applying to their specific intended major. Students with intended majors in the College of Engineering and Information Technology have a paragraph in their admissions letter reminding them that the program requires gateway courses. This means that if you decide to enroll at UMBC and pursue a major in the College of Engineering and IT you are required to complete a few gateway courses in order to remain in the major for the upper-level courses. It does not mean you need to have gateway requirements fulfilled prior to enrolling at UMBC.

    • Hi Sidra,
      Students receive their decision by a letter in the mail. Early Action students should receive their decision letter before January. Regular Decision applicants will receive their decision letters in late-February.

  180. hello im brittany andi just got a from umbc and my admissions were defered…do you by any chance know the percentage of me getting accepted during regular decision? i have a very high gpa and everything but my SATs were very low that’s why i think i got deferred so please let me know. thank you

    • Hi Brit,
      Our Early Action application period is the more competitive of our two application options. Many of the students offered admission during Early Action meet or exceed or averages (average GPA is 3.6, average SAT is 1800 on all three sections). There are many strong students during Early Action who are deferred and may be offered admission during Regular Decision. Students who are deferred to Regular Decision receive another full review of their application. Deferred to Regular Decision students can expect to receive another decision letter from our office in mid-to-late February.

  181. HEY,im godson wanted to ask if i can send a mid year report on the common application format because i was deferred

    • Hi Godson,
      If you have already submitted your application to UMBC your mid-year grades will need to be mailed to our office.

  182. Hi, I had a quesiton about the application fee. I was given a College Board fee waiver and I want to use it for this, but I filled out the online application and when I got to the payment section, there wasn’t a waiver option. I’m just wondering what I should do because I have not been able to send my application yet, but if I can’t use the waiver I’ll just pay another way. Thanks.

    • Hi Holly,
      Please feel free to call our office for details on using a CollegeBoard fee waiver. Thanks!

  183. Hey Josh
    My mid year grades will be available from my high school first week of February which is too late for Deferred students.What should I do ,.is it really required if you are deffer ed from early admission

    • Mid-year grades are not a required item for an application. Students can send mid-year grades if the student feels the grades represent significant academic work. However, we do not require that all students send mid-year grades.

  184. Hi,
    I’m looking to transfer to UMBC for fall 2011, and I was wondering about the chances of me getting in. I’d be a transfer from Rutgers University-New Brunswick, and had a rough time there (just wasn’t for me) and my GPA isn’t GREAT (under 3.0) but I really love everything I’ve heard about this school, and would love to attend and complete my degree at UMBC. Any thoughts..?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Amber,
      Transfer students admitted to UMBC typically present a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on all college coursework. This is not a minimum GPA standard, we will review a student’s overall academic history, but it gives you an idea of our average transfer applicant. If you’re considering UMBC for the Fall 2011 term I encourage you to continue working hard during the Spring semester and, if necessary, we may simply hold your application until we have your Spring grades.

  185. Hi. I applied over a month ago as a transfer student, and was wondering if they mail out all priority transfer decisions in March, or do they make decisions as completed applications are received? Thanks

    • We won’t begin mailing Fall 2011 transfer decisions until March. Our current priority is Fall 2011 freshmen applicants.

  186. Hi, I applied for the Linehan Artist Scholarship. When will they announce who has been awarded the scholarship?

    • Hi Danielle,
      The Scholars programs typically make their offers to students in March. If you need to follow-up with your Scholars application for any reason you can certainly contact the program directly. Thanks!

  187. Hey, I’m a transfer student from Bowie State, and I saw a few comments about whether you guys accept the CommonApp, and from what I can see, you do.

    My question is:

    Which application should I complete? There’s the UMBC online app, and that one doesn’t have any essays, and there’s the CommonApp that does have essays.

    Is one better than the other, or would I just be better completing both?

    • Hi Andreas,
      The Undergraduate degree-seeking application found through the UMBC website and the Common Application both have the same essay topics. You should only complete one of the application options. We do not have a preference for one application over the other.

  188. Hi! I am a transfer student. I currently attend Montgomery College. I am interested in transferring in the spring 2012 semester. On the Common Application, it does not offer the option to check off for Spring 2012 semester yet. Am I too early or too late?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Monique,
      The Common Application for the 2011-2012 academic year (Spring 2012 and Fall 2012) will be available August 1. The priority deadline for the Spring 2012 term will be November 1 so you should have plenty of time to work on the application. Let us know if you have additional questions!

  189. Hello I am trying to put application for fall 2012
    Currently I am a high school students now turning into a senior.
    I do have a lot of interest in UMBC i just have few questions.
    I’m planning to take my last SAT on November but I really want to do the early action/decision plan and Deadline for that is like November 1.
    UMBC accept late SAT score? and will my last November SAT score will include in my application?
    I don’t have high SAT score what is the minimum SAT score does UMBC accept?(and unweighted GPA?)
    What was the percent that applications were accepted in fall 2011?

    • Hi Sara,
      Glad to hear that you’re interested in applying to UMBC! The application for the Fall 2012 term will be available August 1 (we will exclusively be using the Common Application next year). If you plan to submit your application for our Early Action application period (deadline November 1) we won’t be able to consider your November SAT during the Early Action review. If your application happens to be deferred to the Regular Decision period then we would be able to use your November scores. For Early Action applicants the latest SAT we can use during the Early Action review would be scores from October.
      Additionally, UMBC considers many factors when reviewing an application and we do not have a minimum SAT requirement. The average SAT of our admitted students the past few years has been a 1200 (M+CR), and an 1800 when considering all three sections.
      Please let me know if you have additional questions. Take care!

      • Thank you so much for your reply!

        So is there higher percentage of acceptance rate if i put application for early or regular?

      • Hi Sara,
        The Early Action application period is more competitive but students are either offered admission or automatically deferred to Regular Decision. I would not let the fact that Early Action is more competitive keep you from submitting an application during that period.

      • I didn’t really participated in school sports. But I joined few clubs. I did a lot of church activities like pathfinder (it’s like girlscott, I was the leader), orchestra, Summer camp homeroom teacher, and Korean assistant teacher. Is it okay if i include that in my application? Because I am really worried that I am not a sport girl, and I didn’t really participated in sports activity.

      • Hi Sara,
        Sports are not a prerequisite for admission. We like to see students that are involved in addition to doing well in school, but there are many ways to be involved. When you complete your application for next Fall the Common Application will ask you to list activities you’re involved in, and that would be a perfect time to mention the activities you’ve listed.

      • Oh okay Thank you so much for everything(:
        All the questions you answered was so helpful(: Thank you!

  190. Hello Next year I am turning to a senior.
    I live in Maryland.
    I really would like to get into UMBC.
    BUT after i check my gpa I am kind of scaried that I might not get into UMBC.
    My unweighted gpa is 2.98 and my weighted gpa is 3.6.
    Do i have any possibility that i can get into UMBC?

    • Hi Jessica,
      It is difficult to predict if someone would be offered admission without more information but GPA is just one of many factors we consider when reviewing an application. We will also consider a student’s curriculum, grades, trend and test scores. We also ask for an essay, letters of recommendation and more information about what a student is involved with inside and out of the classroom. While our average GPA for admitted students is 3.6 it is certainly not a minimum requirement.

  191. Hi Josh,

    Since college admissions are rolling around I have been looking at colleges on sites like collegeboard and collegeprowler. I am interested in attending UMBC for chemical engineering however I am scared my unweighted gpa is so low (3.1) but my weighted is much higher (3.7). Does this really make much of a difference if the course load I took in high school is rigorous? I know you said very early in the blog that UMBC has an average of a 3.6 gpa. Is that unweighted?

    • Hi Coolbeeans,
      While our average GPA for admitted students is a 3.6 that is certainly not a minimum requirement. Our average GPA represents a mix of weighted and unweighted GPAs; we accept weighted GPAs if provided by the high school, but not all schools use a weighted system. We’ll consider a number of factors when reviewing an application including GPA, individual grades earned, and curriculum. To be competitive for admission a student typically needs to have a B to B+ average or above for grades. Thanks!

  192. oh okay then a 3.7 wgpa would help my chance since it would be a little higher than the total mixed gpa. Now I think im confused again. I know you say it is good to have a b/b+ average which I really do and you will see this next year because for the most part, 90% of my grades no matter how hard the course is a B and then the other 10% is a mix of A’s and C’s about 5 each.

    I know you cant really be responsive with these post since you cant make any comments towards our chances or what have you, however I still appericate your “non offical input”

    • What is important to remember, and is the main reason I can’t say “yes you’ll be admitted” or “no you won’t be admitted,” is that we will consider your entire application when making a decision, not just your GPA. I need to be able to see a students transcripts and consider their curriculum, grades, trends, etc., and then also consider the other items provided to us with the application. When I provide students our averages for GPA and SAT we hope to give them an idea of our average applicant, but these numbers shouldn’t be considered minimums or benchmarks.

      Let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

  193. Hi, i was just wondering for the common do you know if we have to submit all the SAT scores or just the one we want you to see. If we send them all do you pick the highest one or do you mix and match to get the highest combined score. I dont understand what to put for college app.

    • Hi Encore,
      We definitely recommend that students send UMBC all available test scores because we will just use their highest scores. For the SAT we combine the highest scores of each section and for the ACT we use the highest composite score. We do not count any lower scores against a student. Additionally, while the Common Application asks you to list your SAT and ACT scores you should also have your official scores sent directly from CollegeBoard or the ACT Testing Service. Only official scores will be used for evaluation of an application.

  194. Hi, I am so sure i want to attend UMBC and i want to apply for the early decison, But my only problem is if i get accepted , will they still give me as much finicial aid as they would have given me if i applyed for the regular one ?

    • Hi Anita,

      Early Action (different from Early Decision programs because it is non-binding) applicants are not reviewed differently than Regular Decision applicants for need-based financial aid. All need-based financial aid is determined by the information gathered by the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

      Early Action applicants do have an advantage in consideration for merit-based scholarships: they are guaranteed a review. Regular Decision applicants are reviewed for merit-based scholarships if a review can be conducted (essentially we mean they will be reviewed if money is still available to offer). Early Action applicants, on the other hand, are guaranteed a review for merit-based scholarships.

      • Hi Anita,

        No disadvantages really exist with applying Early Action. The only tough part is that it is an early deadline to hit. However, a lot of schools offer early deadlines so as long as you’re on top of things you shouldn’t have a problem getting everything submitted no later than November 1.

  195. Hi Josh,

    I was wondering if the address of the school is what we should put on the envelopes we give to our teachers and councilors. Or is there a admissions office to which we send our mail to?

    • Hi Charles,

      If possible we would actually prefer that all documents be sent electronically. The Common Application allows you to request that your teachers and counselors submit letters of recommendation online and many schools can submit transcripts electronically through the Common Application. If an item MUST be mailed it can be sent to the following address: UMBC, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250.


  196. Hi,umbc uses the common app right?, well its my first time using the common app and i was wondering do i go on the common app website and fill everyhting on there out or do i apply to umbc using thier own site..kinda confused..do i have to even create an account for umbc if iam doing everything on the common app???

  197. I was wondering for the common app for UMBC, if I am applying for the honors program and applying for early action, would I need to send in both the application for both early action and honors program by November 1st? Or could I send the application for the honors program at a later date during January?

  198. If i am applying for the Meyerhoff Program, is it required that I apply for Early Action or is applying by December 1 acceptable? Does applying for the regular admission rather than the Early Action admission hurt your chances of getting accepted?


    • Hi Arjun,
      Students applying to the Meyerhoff program are asked to submit their undergraduate application by the November 1 Early Action deadline. In part this is so the Admissions Office can review your undergraduate application before the Meyerhoff program has started reviewing Meyerhoff applicants. However, while it is strongly encouraged that Meyerhoff applicants apply by November 1 it is not a requirement. Applying Regular Decision does not affect a student’s odds of being offered admission to UMBC.

  199. I have applied early action and have registered to take the December SAT. I was wondering if you look at the best scores from sections across all the tests you’ve taken. Also I know that admittance letters come in mid December so its safe to say you will not look at those scores since its too late right?

    • Hi Ogechi,
      You are correct, we are unable to use December SAT scores for our Early Action review. Typically we can only use scores up to October for the Early Action review. However, if a student is deferred to Regular Decision from Early Action we can consider new scores that have arrived to our office. Also, yes, we do use just the highest of your scores for our review.

  200. Hi,

    My son applied early action but did not apply honors. Can he still apply honors?

    Thank you!

  201. If you’re not admitted into the Honors College, are you considered for the regular college as well? For example, if you are not accepted at the Honors College, but meet the requirements for the regular college, can you still be admitted? Or do you have to send in another application, without the Honors College supplements?

    • Hi Ellery,
      The Honors College program is something that students can apply to in addition to applying for admission to UMBC. The Honors College is a program within the university for academically talented students who are very interested in the honors experience available at UMBC. A student can be admitted to UMBC and not the Honors College program, but someone cannot be admitted to the Honors College program without being admitted to UMBC. If you completed the Honors College application portion of the supplement you’ll be considered for that program, but consideration for that program is separate from your review for admission to UMBC. For additional information about the Honors College program please see the following link: http://www.umbc.edu/honors/prospective.php

  202. I applied to UMBC before the early action deadline, and on the Common App it says that my school forms were downloaded on November 1st. However, when I checked my apllication status on myumbc, it says that my application is incomplete because my high school transcript is missing. Should I give it some time to process or should I ask my counselor to resend my school forms? Thanks!

    • Hi Aaron,
      If you see on the Common Application that we downloaded your forms we definitely have them. There is processing time for your application and for your checklist to be updated. Our processing staff manually updates the ‘To-Do’ lists on myUMBC so even if something is sent via Common App it is not automatically updated on your myUMBC account. There is no need to resend any documents. Thanks!

  203. Im applying to the meyerhoff program and am taking the SAT’s again in December since the application is due December is it all right to send my score out once they become available which will be around the time I get my decision letter from the early action undergraduate application?

    • Hi Ogechi,
      You’re certainly welcome to send your December SAT scores to be included with your application file. I would suggest listing UMBC on your SAT exam so your scores are automatically sent to our office.

  204. My teachers have submitted the Common App recommendations. Will they be used towards the Meyerhoff application? Or should I be requesting two more recommendations as part of the Meyerhoff application?

    • Hi SM,
      Letters of recommendation for the Meyerhoff application should be sent directly to the Meyerhoff program. Your letters of recommendation for your undergraduate application will only be in our office, so separate letters (or additionally copies of your current letters) need to be submitted directly to the Meyerhoff program.

  205. Hi, I’m also applying for the Meyerhoff Scholarship and I was kind of unsure about something. So if I have to send in my application by December 1 in order to get considered for this scholarship, does that mean that the application will be looked at ONLY for this scholarship’s purpose and will not be considered for admission until the Feb 1st Regular Decision deadline?

    • Hi Seo,
      Meyerhoff applicants are asked to submit their Undergraduate application by the November 1 Early Action deadline. If you did not meet that deadline you will need to submit your Undergraduate application as soon as possible, and not later than December 1. Keep in mind that you need to submit two applications: the Undergraduate application for freshmen admissions and the Meyerhoff application.

  206. Hello, I am going to apply for transfer to UMBC next fall. I was wondering if I could send in my application this early? Also, what is the minimum number of college credits I need to apply for transfer? And can I use college credits from AP scores to fulfill the number of college credits needed to apply for transfer?

    • Hi Mo,
      The fall 2012 transfer application is currently available and you are welcome to submit the application now. However, we do not begin reviewing fall 2012 transfer applications until the spring since our priority deadline for transfers of that term is March 15. I recommend that a fall transfer student submit their application in early-spring, usually around February or early-March.
      To transfer to UMBC a student needs at least 14 transferable college credits. You can possibly receive credit for AP exams but AP exams do not count toward the required 14 credits to be considered a transfer student.

  207. Hi, I also wanted to know how UMBC would like the SAT scores sent. I know that admission is based on highest scores in each section, but I know some schools want to see all the scores even so. So should I send in all my scores or should I just send in my top scores?

    • Hi Jenn,
      We ask students to send their scores electronically using CollegeBoard or the ACT Testing Service. You’re correct, we do use just the highest scores for review. Since we use just the highest scores, and do not count any lower scores against you, we advise sending all possible test scores with your application.

  208. Hello UMBC, I completed my application for early decision based on the fact that I was also applying for the Meyer Hoff scholarship. On the myUMBC portal it states that you donot have my ACT Scores. It was my understanding that my school sent those with my official transcripts, or should I go to the ACT web site and request they be sent to UMBC. Also, if I am to request through ACT website should I do the fast track processing so that I can still be considered for early admissions? Does this hurt my chances for early decision?

    • Hi Briana,
      We do ask students to submit their test scores electronically directly from CollegeBoard or the ACT Testing Service. If you’ve not already done so please request your scores to be sent from the ACT Testing Service, and it is okay if you have the scores rush delivered. If the scores don’t arrive in time to be reviewed during our Early Action period it won’t hurt your chances of being offered admission, it would simply mean that your application would be reviewed during Regular Decision.

  209. Does Deferred basically mean rejection? All my friends say that if you get deferred you have a little chance of making it.

    • Hi Liz,
      Being deferred to Regular Decision from Early Action is not at all the same as being rejected. Our Early Action program may differ a little from some other universities in that we actually admit a smaller percentage of students during the Early Action review. Early Action at UMBC is very competitive but deferred students will have their application reviewed again. It is important to remember that ‘deferred’ is NOT a ‘no,’ it simply means that your application has been held for further review and you’ll hear from our office in late-February.

  210. Hello
    I applied for Business Technology. If UMBC does not want me in the that program, will they complete reject my application? or just put me in a different program?

    • Hi Shasa,
      At UMBC the intended major listed on a student’s application does not affect their admission review. The intended major is only used for academic advising purposes if a student later decides to enroll at UMBC.

  211. I’ve already submitted my application by mail, and have already request the ACT to send my scores to UMBC, however, their is no window, on my “To Do List” or on my UMBC profile allowing me to submit my $50 application fee. Where can I find this, I want to finish this ASAP.

  212. Hi I’ve been accepted to the university early admission but I was wondering when you find out whether you qualify for scholarships and also is there a place I can find the requirements to qualify or is there no real requirement.

  213. Has the Meyerhoff Scholarship Program send out invitations to Selection Weekend? Do they notify people who applied but are no longer in the running for the program? Thank you

    • Hi Bionerd,
      The Meyerhoff Scholars program will be sending out the selection weekend invitations soon, if they’ve not already been sent. The Meyerhoff program is separate from the Undergraduate Admissions Office so you are also welcome to contact the program directly.

    • Hi Abby,
      The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships sent our first offerings of merit-based scholarships last week. We anticipate conducting additional reviews for merit-based scholarships and offers are usually sent to eligible students about 4 weeks after the student receives their admissions letter.

  214. hi josh,
    i have been accepted to umbc and i had a question as to the admission stats for students that go to umbc. How many umbc prepharmacy students get into a pharmacy school?

    • Hi Egor,
      I am not sure of our exact statistic of pre-pharmacy students who are admitted to pharmacy schools, but generally speaking UMBC students do well when applying to graduate schools. This is largely because students at UMBC have access to applied learning experiences such as internships or undergraduate research, as well as UMBC’s strong academic programs. Graduate schools recognize the strength of UMBC graduates.

  215. Hi Josh, I applied regular decision to UMBC and received my acceptance letter last weekend. Are regular decision students still considered for merit scholarships? If so, what is the notification timing for merit scholarships? Thanks!

    • Hi Mary,
      Congrats on your acceptance! We do anticipate reviewing students for merit-based scholarships past our Early Action applicants. If a student is eligible for a scholarship they are typically notified of their scholarship offer about four weeks after receiving an admissions letter.

  216. Hello Josh, I applied early action to UMBC and I applied for the honors college at the same time. I have received my acceptance letter but I have not heard anything about the honors college. Will I hear anything if I do not make it into the honors college or do I only hear back if I am accepted?

    • Hi Rachel,
      Since the Honors College deadline was on January 15 it is not odd that you have not received a response regarding your application. However, you are welcome to follow up with your application by contacting the Honors College at honors@umbc.edu.

  217. Hello,
    I was wondering what GPA I should strive to keep in my last semester of high school as an incoming freshman.

    • Hi Bobby,
      It is our (and basically all colleges and universities) expectation that you maintain a strong academic record during your senior year. We require a final end-of-year transcript from any admitted student who chooses to enroll at UMBC. Your senior year grades should be consistent in strength to your previous years of high school.

  218. Hi, I applied as a transfer student about three weeks ago. I was wondering how long it would take to get a response because I have to pay my school a fee soon to stay here which I would not get back if I get accepted somewhere else. I know the deadline is March 15th but if I already applied, will I get a response before March 15th?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Brittney,
      We have not started to release fall 2012 transfer decisions yet but our goal will be to start releasing decisions toward mid-March. If you have already applied (and your application is complete) I would expect that your decision letter would be sent with our first batch of transfer decisions.

  219. Do transfer students get accepted if they didn’t apply by March 15 but applied before May 31?
    What is the minimum GPA for transfer students and if the student suppose has a 3.2 GPA is that good?
    Are we allowed to transfer mores than 60 credits from a 2 year institution?

    • Hi Samantha,
      March 15 is the priority deadline for transfer students for the fall semester but applications can be submitted up to our final deadline, May 31. We do not have a minimum GPA requirement for transfer students but our average GPA of admitted transfer students is 3.0. However, other factors are considered in addition to GPA. The maximum number of transferable credits from a 2-year institution is 60 credits.

      • so can I submit an application by March 15th even though I still don’t have 30 credits but will have it after May 12. What other factors account for admission?

      • Hi Samantha,
        The 30 credit mark you’re referencing does not affect your ability to apply, it simply affects what item you need to send with your application. At UMBC, an applicant is considered a transfer student once they have earned 14 credits. However, if you’ve earned fewer than 30 college credits we ask you to submit your high school information (high school transcript, SAT or ACT scores) in addition to your college transcripts.
        When considering a transfer application we’re reviewing more than just a student’s GPA. When making decisions we review a transfer students curriculum, grades, trends, GPA, letters of recommendation (if provided), and the essay.

  220. Do you still look at the high school GPA and SAT scores even tho I have 33 credits from 2 yr community college? (I had to put those two when I was filling out the application and GPA was above 3.7 but I did really bad on SAT back in days…)
    Also, when do we get our acceptance letters? (I applied in Feb. 16th for fall 2012 early action)

    • Hi Lacy,
      High school information (HS transcript and SAT or ACT scores) is only required for transfer students who have earned fewer than 30 college credits at the time of application submission. When a transfer student has earned at least 30 college credits our review of his or her academic information tends to be focused on the college coursework.
      We’ve recently started releasing fall 2012 transfer decisions; we were able to start releasing decisions for transfer students a bit earlier than expected. From this point forward transfer students can typically expect to receive a decision 4-5 weeks after an application becomes complete within our office.

      • Oh thank you for the information.
        I was also wondering about the acceptance letter.If I don’t make it do you guys still send me out the letter saying I am not accepted? (hope to hear something good!!!! )

      • I just got a package mail from UMBC so I was wondering does that mean I got accepted? b/c on my.umbc.edu, it still says “complete”.

      • Hi Lacy,
        Your decision letter is your official notification. If your myUMBC account status has not changed you may simply need to upgrade your account. Directions for upgrading your account are found in the admit packet you received.

  221. Im interested in UMBC, im a High School Jr. Just wanted to know if i can get some information in the mail or by email.

  222. What do you look in a transfer essay? Is the essay important when making a decision ??

    • Hi Charlie,
      The essay is a required and reviewed item for all degree-seeking applicants, both freshmen and transfers. We do not specify what needs to be included in the essay, and there are several topics available to choose from on the Common App. The essay can be a chance for the Admissions Counselors to learn more about a student from the student’s voice.

      • Is there any place where I can get my essay proofread because I really want to be admitted as this is my last shot and i don’t want to graduate from community college?!

      • Hi Charlie,
        If you need to have your essay proofread I would suggest asking a family member or a friend to review your essay. You could also potentially ask a mentor or advisor to review your essay.

  223. Hello Josh,
    I submitted my application electronically on March 5 for the early consideration this Fall semester. However, I have just requested my college to send my transcript to UMBC on March 8…so I am afraid that my transcript may not be received before March 15 😦 I have also got an envelop of my official transcript. Should I take that envelop to the Undergrad office of UMBC or should I just wait for my electronic transcript to be sent to UMBC? I don’t want to miss the deadline for the scholarship deadline, so please answer me as soon as possible
    Thank you

    • Hi Gia,
      We prefer to receive documents electronically so I would suggest allowing time for your transcript to arrive. Electronic transcripts tend to be processed and sent fairly quickly so I think there is a good chance that the transcript will arrive by March 15. However, don’t immediately worry if you still see the transcript listed on your online checklist after March 15. It can take a bit of time for our processing staff to process your transcript and update your checklist.

  224. Hello,

    I’m actullay a high school junior, however i just had a question i would like to ask you if its ok.
    I dont really have a stellar gpa but higher than a 3.0 unweighted and i am taking IB classes. UMBC is my dream school and i am just worried aobut my statastic getting compared with others and not being good enough to get in . do i have a good chance of getting into UMBC ? i also do alot of volunteer work and am actively engaged in clubs and activites. a reply to this would be much appreciated

    Thank you

    • Hi Manisha,
      When considering student’s for admission we consider many factors including strength of curriculum, grades in individual courses, overall GPA, trends with grades, standardized test scores (SAT or ACT), letters of recommendation, co- and extra-curricular involvement, and the essay. We do not have a set minimum GPA requirement, and it sounds like you are a pretty good student since you’re choosing to challenge yourself with advanced level curriculum. It would be tough for me to say whether or not you would be offered admission, but you should know that the averages you see online (regarding GPA, SAT, etc.) are just that, averages. These numbers do not represent minimum requirements, we’ll consider many factors when making a decision.

  225. Does UMBC usually have space for transfer applicants after the priority deadline and before the regular deadline? Because I’m afraid that if I apply for regular decision as a transfer student I wouldn’t get in because of space.

    • Hi Amber,
      Applying for the priority transfer deadline (3/15) instead of the final deadline (5/31) does not impact a transfer student’s odds of being offered admission. Applying for the priority deadline affects consideration for scholarships, and it impacts when a student will receive their decision letter. Applicants who submit an application by our final deadline (5/31) still receive full consideration for admission.

  226. Can I register for classes even though I plan to apply to UMBC by the May 31st deadline and Mc’s summer classes start on May 22?! I can still transfer it right that wouldn’t make a difference right?

    • Hi Amber,
      If you’re asking whether or not you can take summer classes at Montgomery College and still apply for transfer admission to UMBC for the fall term, the answer is yes. If admitted to UMBC for the fall semester your summer classes from Montgomery College could potentially transfer. If you’re applying to UMBC for the fall you should plan to submit your Montgomery College transcripts by our application deadline; do not wait to finish your summer classes before submitting your official transcript.

    • Hi SM,
      Our final deadline for fall 2012 transfer applicants is May 31. You should apply by our deadline if you wish to be considered for the fall semester.

  227. What if I have more than 60 credits and I’m not an engineer major will I still be able to transfer with all my applicable courses’ credit proceeding towards my major which is psychology?! Or will that be an issue.

      • so what happens if the student applies with more than 60 credits? Then will out of the total credits 60 credits will be considered? Or does this not allow the student to be accepted?

      • Hi Mary,
        The Admissions staff considers a student’s overall academic record. We will look at all classes and grades, even if the student has earned over 60 credits. However, if a student is transferring from a community college the student will only be able to transfer 60 of their previous credits to UMBC.

  228. Is it ok for transfer students not to submit an essay?
    Will that affect on whether the student is accepted or not?

    • Hi SM,
      All degree-seeking applicants, including transfer applicants, are required to submit an essay with their application. If you submit your application without an essay, your application will be considered incomplete. The Common Application offers several topics to choose from for the essay portion. You can upload your essay with your Common App.

      • what is the maximum words for a transfer essay i know it’s 250 words minimum but i need to what is the word limit?????

  229. Hi Josh, Thank you for you quick and clear replies.I have another question
    Why is it that if someone applies for suppose fall 2012 they instead get enrolled for spring 2013…What are the chances of that happening?

    • Hi SM,
      A students is considered for admission for the term for which he or she applies. If a student is not offered admission we allow the student to update his or her application to be considered for one additional semester. For example, if a student applies for the fall 2012 term and is not admitted, the student can use the application again to be considered for the spring 2013 semester. A student can only update his or her application once, and after that point the student would need to reapply.

  230. Hi, I did get an admission for fall 2012 and got an email saying that i need to make an appointment for placement test. I thought that was only for freshman? (because I already took EN101 from current community college and passed with a C)

      • Thank you for answering quickly!
        But!! one more last question….
        when can transfer students (fall 2012) start signing up for fall 2012 classes?

      • Hi Lacy,
        All new students (freshmen and transfer) will register for courses during their summer Orientation program. Orientation begins in June and we’ll have several Orientation programs throughout the summer for student students to choose.

    • Hi SM,
      For transfer students, the priority deadline guarantees that the applicant will be reviewed for our transfer scholarships (assuming the applicant meets minimum qualifications). Applying earlier also offers the benefit of receiving an admissions decision earlier. Our May 31 deadline for the fall semester is our final deadline.

  231. I also wanted to know whether the fact that a student has higher than a 2.0 Cumulative GPA and has completed 56 credits prior to deadline will be accepted as long as UMBC has space. Is this true as I read it on the transfer guide that all 4 year public institution follows??????

    • Hi SM,
      You are correct that there is an agreement between the Maryland 4-year institutions and the Maryland 2-year institutions. If a student attends a Maryland community college and earns 56 credits or more with a 2.0 GPA or higher, that student will be admitted to any Maryland 4-year school. However, admission to a 4-year school may not guarantee you admission to a specific major if a school requires you to also apply to your major. I, and most other colleges, would encourage you to aim beyond the minimum requirements. It will be in your best interest to do well in your classes.

  232. do you what is the minimum GPA requirement for Psychology majors? I heard it was 3.2 I just wasn’t sure.

    • Hi SM,
      A student’s intended major on their application does not affect their admissions review. We review all applicants with the same process, regardless of the intended major listed on the application. Our review of the academic information for transfer applicants includes considering grades, trends, overall GPA, and credits earned.

  233. Are the current costs on the website what they will be during the Fall 2012/Spring 2013 academic year or do they reflect this year’s? I am a Federal employee who wants to enroll in a course and my agency needs to know what the actual costs will be.

    • Hi Christopher,
      The costs listed on the Student Business Services website (http://www.umbc.edu/sbs/tuition_fall_2012.html) should be the final costs for the fall 2012 term. However, it is possible for the USM Board of Regents to change the costs. I don’t believe it is expected that the Board of Regents will implement any changes, so we do believe the costs listed on the website will be what fall 2012 students will pay.

  234. Hi! Do you know when umbc sends out their decision letters for transfer students that had to wait for their decision based on their final semester grades?

    • Hi Jen,
      If we’ve asked to see spring grades before making a decision, the applicant will typically receive a decision letter from our office about 2-3 weeks after we receive the transcript with final spring grades.

  235. Do we still get considered for scholarships after being deferred to the regular deadline from priority deadline? Do we also have to send a new transcript if a class was accelerated and the grade was just recently added after the priority deadline?

    • Hi SM,
      I believe most scholarship offers for transfer students have already been made for the fall semester. With regard to your transcript, we ask that you send a final transcript with grades for any courses for which we don’t already have the grade information.

  236. I havent been told by mail if ive been accepted for the fall but I have a housing offer. Does that mean I’ve been accepted?

    • Hi Jen,
      Feel free to contact our office at admissions@umbc.edu for an update on your application status. We do not use email to notify students of their decisions, but at the very least we can check on the status of your decision and see if a decision letter has been sent.

  237. I want to apply as a transfer student but I’m worried because my GPA dropped but it’s still above 2.5. I have 56 credits. I read on the student guide to transfer that if a student applies with 56 credits and has higher than 2.5 GPA they will get accepted. Should I be worried that i will be deferred because right now I have a 2.80 gpa and i’m trying to get straight A’s on all my summer courses so that I can get a 3.0.

    • Hi Amber,
      To be competitive for admission to UMBC as a transfer student, we like to see around a 3.0 GPA. There are some regulations at the State of Maryland has put in the place for students who have more than 56 transfer credits, such as the policy that you mentioned. One thing that we like to see with our transfer applicants is a good trend in grades – so either your grades improving or remaining constant. If you have any specific questions regarding the transfer process, feel free to e-mail me at coleen@umbc.edu.
      Good luck with your summer classes!

  238. Hi, I’m interested in transferring to UMBC around Fall 2013. I will be transferring from Montgomery college with 90 credits and UMBC will only allow me to transfer 60 credits. Can I choose which courses I want to transfer?
    The course that will not transfer, will it remain on my transcript?

    • Hi Samina,
      You can only transfer 60 credits of community college coursework to UMBC, but you will be able to work with the Office of the Registrar once you’re admitted to ensure the credits that are most useful for your degree are the credits transferred to UMBC. The credits that do not transfer to UMBC will remain on your Montgomery College transcript, but they will not be noted on your UMBC transcript.

  239. My transcript status says initiated? But my application status says incomplete and I have turned everything in. What does this mean?

    • Hi Sally,
      When something is listed on your myUMBC account as ‘initiated’ it can mean we have not received the document. However, you should allow 2-3 weeks for your application and your supporting application documents to be processed. We will receive several thousand application for our November 8 deadline, and it takes time to process documents and update online checklists.

  240. Hello im a first year at a community college, hoping to transfer for next fall(2013-2014).
    this semester im going to complete 16 credits, and for spring i hope to obtain 16 as well. i read that if you complete 30 credits total, i will not have to submit highschool transcripts or SAT scores. will this apply to me as well? or will i have to submit my highschool stuff.

    • Hi Alice,
      The 30 credit mark is for completed credits. You will need to submit your high school information with your application since you will not have 30 completed credits at the time you are submitting your application.

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